Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I have a dear friend (Kay Childers) that I used to work with at Cedar Valley M.S. I turned her on to scrapbooking and cardmaking when I worked there. About a month ago, I introduced her to the Cuttlebug and shortly thereafter, she purchased one. I went over to her house one afternoon and gave her a mini-tutorial. She has been one busy lady ever since - producing gorgeous cards. These are two of my favorites. I love what she did with our Texana Designs mini butterfly and I love the colors in her flower card! Love your cards, dear friend!!

Joyce and I are off to Temple tomorrow. She is teaching a Cuttlebug class and I'm going to play and deliver a stamp order!! We are treating ourselves to pedicures and one of Crow's famous burgers after the class. Too much fun!!


Pam said...

Beautiful cards!Love the flower on the top one.
Enjoy your Crowes burger, I never did get one:(

Marie said...

Love the cards. You need to start classes closer to home or make alot of playdates! LOL. I always enjoy seeing your latest "creations"