Monday, March 23, 2009

Maggie and Petey's Playday

Maggie and her pet snake, Petey, have been together since her sophomore year in high school. She is now a senior at U.T. When Mags got home from school today, she and Petey had playtime together. I know how many feel about snakes, but Petey is a really fun snake. I had the best time with her yesterday while Kenny and Maggie cleaned out her home. I was on the computer holding her and she decided that the books in the bookshelf looked interesting. She curled in behind the books and knocked all of them off the shelf. They were falling all over me, but I couldn't catch them and continue to hold on to Petey at the same time. I wish I had pictures of it. I don't. But I do have pictures of Maggie and Petey having fun together.


Marie said...

Somehow I wasn't surprised to hear that Maggie has a pet snake! In my eyes she is VERY Adventurous! haha Can't imagine "having fun" with a snake though! They totally freak me out.

Pam said...

Ummm don't invite me to the play dates. There is no way that snake would crawl on my head, thank you very much. But then Maggie loves all those adventures, lemurs, bugs, and good for her!! Go Maggie!