Sunday, March 22, 2009

Catching Up - Three Posts Today!

As most of you know, we have been busy sprucing up our condo where Maggie lives! She has really taken ownership on her place and spent many hours (all of us) painting. In fact, she loves painting baseboards (Ugh!) and won't let anyone else touch them. Bless her heart!!

Unfortunately, we did not take before pictures. So I have some "during" pictures and then will post more after the carpet is put in. The condo is 3 floors (sort of). The first floor is a one car garage and the entry way. The second floor is a rather large living area, dining area and kitchen and the third floor is the master bedroom and bath, and second bedroom and bath. We bought this the Spring of Maggie's freshman year at U.T. and decided it would be better to invest than to pay rent for 3+ more years. It is located off Enfield and Exposition - great location!

The master bedroom is 15 x 13 with beautiful sunlight pouring in throughout the day. This place is filled with windows!

Every wall in this place was painted a different dark color. We primed every wall - some twice - and Maggie picked out this cool light green color for the entire place - except for the kitchen and second bath. We decided to keep some of the funkiness in the place. Afterall, she is a college student. Painting the stairs was a real trip. Fortunately, we have two tall men in our family and they had no problem reaching the high spots.

The living room and master bedroom have hardwood floors. We are replacing the carpet in the stairs and second bedroom and will eventually replace the tile in the kitchen and entry way.

The first 3 pictures: Maggie's bedroom. We completed this room first because the mattresses were being delivered on Friday morning. Maggie and Tom set up the bed frame and night stand just in time for their arrival. Then Maggie and Kenny enjoyed hangin' on the bed.

The last picture is her large living area. All that's left is the baseboard and we can arrange the furniture! Tom and I are headed over there now to measure the carpet and get it ordered!


Marie said...

Between planting, painting, carpeting,floor installing, furniture moving, etc. WOW, you are making me soooo tired! But I know it is so nice to sit back and look at all of the things you have completed. Enjoy!

TxScrapAddict said...

How fun!!

Pam said...

Wow!love all the windows. Hmmm, Maggie love to paint basebords, I will file that away under necessary information!! I like to paint but not baseboards! The condo is looking really nice, love the color and the wood floors!

Libby Hickson said...

Carpet? Those floors look so nice in the photos! :)