Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Pictures & Kenny's Grad Announcements

Hello. Happy belated Mother's Day! We had a great day shopping for plants, having lunch, riding on my new lawnmower, finishing Kenny's graduation announcements and just spending time together!

I got the perfect combination of Mother's Day gifts. Tom bought me a scroll saw for my rubber stamps and a riding lawnmower to stroll around the yard and get the grass mowed at the same time. Maggie got me the colorful plants and Kenny got me the bloomin' cactus behind them in one of these pictures! That's just about me in a nutshell!

Kenny and Maggie had fun taking pictures and being goofy!! Just the way I like them!

Maggie designed and made Kenny's graduation announcements for me. I helped her a little bit!

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Pam Sivage said...

a riding lawnmower huh! Sounds like you had a great day and got some super gifts. His announcements are awesome, look a lot better than the ones I paid big bucks for!